Three Reasons to Use Stickpeople as Strategists

Why make such a big deal out of simple sketches? What’s up? And how on earth can stickpeople transform my culture at work?

Simple. In theory, that is. In practice, it kinda hurts your brain, but it’s worth it.

Reason #1:

If you can co-create and talk through ideas, thinking and sketching, sketching and thinking, then you’re going to find clarity, not only in your outcome, but also your processes, each person’s role(s), and next steps.

Reason #2:

When you’re sketching and thinking, chances are pretty solid that you’re innovating and trying new ideas. Rather than criticize someone for a crazy idea, the sketch allows you to sit with the idea and use it as a focal point. When everyone has the opportunity to wield a marker, sketching and making thinking visible leads to a culture of “what if…” instead of stultifying silence and compliance.

Reason #3:

Drill that mess down. Rather than talk AT your team for an hour, sketching out ideas helps you drill down to the absolute essence and crystallize takeaways for your audience. When planning your meeting / talk/ presentation, sketch it out first. (And yes, stickpeople are your best friends!). Once that’s hammered out, what do you truly want others to walk away knowing? How will you know they know it?

What are you waiting for? Get your markers flowing and put those stickpeople to work!