Achieve your legacy with this one action

I read once that most people spend more time planning a holiday than they spend on setting goals for their lives.

I thought, “No…that can’t be true…”, then started thinking about my own life. I know this is the Time of COVID and most norms have flown out the window, but yeah, I was guilty of not being specific about goals and reviewing them on a daily basis. Sure, I have goals, but many are related to my son and short-term successes at work. And I definitely haven’t been writing them down for daily review.

I mean, who has time for lifetime legacy goals? Isn’t that selfish?

Jim Rohn implores those who want to be successful to write those goals down. And THEN revisit them every single day. Ideally you would even re-write them each day!


Legacy is that “gift” you leave behind that inspires others to do more, be more, and serve more. If you are gearing your work and talents to serve others or the world in some capacity, that is not selfish.

You are your greatest asset. How will you show up ready to achieve what you truly want? Here’s the secret:  set your goal, visualize what you want, define and describe it in detail and write it down. The highest achievers write their goals down in vivid detail. And revisit them consistently. It sounds easy, but very few people set any goals at all. A small percentage of people set goals and write them down, but fewer than 1% of people write their goals down AND review them on a daily basis.

Decide what you want to achieve. Write it down. Review it. Repeat daily.

That’s crazy, isn’t it? Just by writing down your goal, picturing it vividly and reviewing it consistently, you’re more likely to achieve success. Imagine doing this on a personal level, with family members, and on a team or organizational level. With all the uncertainties COVID-19 has wrought, this is the time to get clear on your next steps.

There’s magic in those markers, so get visual and achieve more.

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