One-Pager on Visual Thinking

Ever need to explain the value of your product or service for others? Consider using simple visuals to create a single-page summary that makes your organization, product or service stand out from a bulleted list or otherwise text-heavy promotion. Hand-drawn images are still, despite their “simplicity”, a powerful messaging tool that appeals to the human side of business and understanding, while fueling your behind-the-scenes processes with new intention.  

Co-creating this type of visual summary is an unparalleled discussion and filtering activity. Ask others in your team or organization what THEY think the value is, and what THEY think are the key points that others need to know in order to choose what you have to offer. It is sobering to realize how many different ideas and perceptions are floating around among team members when you believe everyone is on the same page.

Creating a one-page visual summary literally and tangibly ensures everyone’s thinking is on the same page. In turn, this thinking becomes shareable, and malleable or customizable for different viewers. Obviously your values won’t change, but the way you present them for your different clients or audiences can shift. Change colors to match a client’s brand, or substitute a couple of words/phrases with an organization’s specific synonyms for even more rapid alignment. Perhaps you can include some visuals the target audiences rely upon to build out thinking from their standpoint.

Don’t get too attached to your first idea(s) or implementation as you create this type of visual. Make sure to include feedback loops and open communication lines, and be ready to pivot or completely change if required. It does need to capture value along with the core content, aka, the “short story” of your organization/service.

How can your summary connect your high-level concepts to your client’s/audience’s day-to-day decision-making? How can your summary serve as a tool to help influence organization, communication and the implementation of new thinking? How can you leverage the potent combination of a creative and structured approach to sharing your business/organizational value with the world?