Are you “just” going to draw pictures again today?

Sigh. An all-too-common question in this line of work. Legit, I suppose, until you experience it for yourself. Whether drawing out ideas with your own hands or watching someone else sketch out processes, ideas, and evolving concepts, your brain is in full-on engagement mode.

Drawing isn’t just for kids.

Our brains are fascinating and, quite simply, they love to work. When we provide multiple pathways for information to come into our brains, rather than just reading something or listening to someone, we are enabling storage of that information in more than one place. In turn, this means there are more opportunities for recall.

Bottom line? With visuals, we not only think more, but we also remember more, which is (pardon the pun) a no-brainer when you want others to remember what you are telling them. It is also invaluable for ensuring everyone is on the same page, and for ensuring clarity, rather than merely assuming it.

Sketching out our understanding, whether we get it or whether we are in the process of getting it, helps harness ideas in a tangible way. Others can see that understanding, build upon it, tweak it, or be creatively inspired to take a mental leap of innovation. Be ready for transformative learning, no matter your business.

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